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A career with Hepsi pays off

Hepsi-Markt – an attractive employer for a secure future

If you want to take on responsibility and show what you are made of, a future full of prospects and opportunities for advancement awaits you at Hepsi. From salesperson to store manager – many paths are conceivable. We help our employees to familiarize themselves step by step with new tasks at Hepsi and to grow with them. In general, everyone has the opportunity to develop where they prefer and can best develop their performance. This is what we mean by sustainable cooperation and joint success.

Filialleiter Hepsi-Markt

Become a member of Team Hepsi

Fair wages

Everyone at Hepsi has the same opportunity to develop personally and professionally, and everyone in the same position receives the same salary. We pay a starting wage of at least €14/hour, which is higher than the standard pay scale, or significantly more depending on your professional experience. So in a full-time job at Hepsi, you can earn more than €2,400/month – regardless of the field. Employees who have not completed vocational training as well as part-time employees and temporary staff also benefit from Hepsi’s attractive minimum entry-level wage.

Fair working conditions

We want our employees to be able to concentrate fully on their job at Hepsi and not have to worry about their future. That’s why we generally offer permanent employment contracts. Our employees who are covered by collective wage agreements benefit from working time billing that is accurate to the minute. If overtime is incurred, it is recorded directly and can be paid out or, by arrangement, reduced through compensatory time off.

Respect and appreciation in a great team

At Hepsi-Markt, we attach great importance to a pleasant atmosphere in the team, respectful interaction and mutual appreciation. Because only employees who feel comfortable at work can perform well and gain positive experiences in their environment. We value the skills and ideas of our employees with different cultural or ethnic backgrounds and are proud to employ people from many nations. For us, it goes without saying that we treat everyone with respect – regardless of gender, origin or religion.

"I like the fact that you can make a career at Hepsi. My line manager has seen that I am fully committed and willing to take on responsibility. I was able to do further training and will soon be moving into a management position.

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